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You Ask | We Answer: What Does the Dog Intake Process Entail?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Where to Begin?

The new customer registration and intake form is step 1. It gives you the chance to give us all the information we need to know about your dog prior to their first-day evaluation. It essentially helps us best match your dog within an off-leash group play environment. The first-day evaluation will then help us determine whether your dog is a good candidate for our open play doggie daycare.

Next Steps

The new customer intake form will cover your dog’s medical history, social history, behavioral history, social tendencies, and much more. This is a great time for us to learn things about your dog that we might not otherwise be aware of.

Next, we’ll do a 5-hour evaluation [half] day to see how your pup interacts during our step-by-step introduction process, followed by group-play activities with the rest of the pack in our controlled environment.

This time will also be used to assess your dog’s comfort level within our space and make sure he/she is comfortable being handled by our staff, interacting with other dogs, etc... Please be aware that on interview day, we may stop the process at any point, if we feel necessary.

Ideally, if everything goes well then your pup will be welcomed back with open arms and an official member of Barks & Rec! We also provide a client feedback form and report cards after your evaluation day is complete.

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