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You Ask | We Answer: How Will My Dog Spend Their Day While at Daycare?

Your dog will spend the day exercising and socializing with their friends – dogs and humans alike – in a supervised, clean, safe, fun environment. Our 3,000 sq. foot climate-controlled facility provides your dog with the opportunity to romp, play and rest comfortably and safely.

For any dog that needs a rest, we will provide a safe and quiet area for them to take a nap at any point throughout the day.

Keep an eye out for daily photos so you can keep track of your pup’s activities and see how much fun they're having! Also, check out our Instagram feed @Barks_And_Rec.MPLS for more snapshots of all the fun happening behind closed doors at Barks & Rec.

Your dog will get plenty of playtime with other dogs, but we’ll add some special small group activities and more one on one attention with the staff so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically for your pet.

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